January may be the middle of Winter-a month notorious for it’s steely grey skies and skeleton bare trees, but these Winter walks will be good for the soul, the excesses of Christmas, and may make you look a little closer at Mother Nature’s hidden winter treasures, that are often forgotten….

Stunning neon dogwood stems, providing incredible winter colour at Wisley

Wisley’s Winter Walk on Seven Acres 

A gentle stroll around Wisley’s Seven Acres, home to glorious ponds, unusual and interesting planting, ( notably, bright splashes of beautiful neon Dogwood) specimen trees and open lawns, with a printable guide to their Winter planting scheme available to print from the RHS website.


A fantastic way to see the plants in a new light, with their structures laid bare – the garden team have curated their special features, just follow the dotted lines on the map and learn about the plants signposted on the route. Learn something new, clear the mind and exercise to boot – why not tick off three New Years resolutions in one day?

A magnificent Yew at Kingley Vale Nature Reserve near Chichester, home to the most ancient trees in Britain

Kingley Vale

Why not head to Kingley Vale Nature Reserve near Chichester, West Sussex to walk among some of the most ancient living giants in Britain? Some of the beautiful Yews at Kingley Vale are 2000 years old, and were held sacred by the past inhabitants of the site, who left incredible ruins of their settlement behind, making this place one of enormous archaeological significance. The trail takes you through twisted trees, chalky uplands and mysterious stone mounds- the fact that Yew trees are evergreen beauties also helps soothe the soul in this time of sparse colour. You may also see red kites, buzzards and a host of other wildlife that call this special place home. A trail is available to download from the Chichester council website https://www.visitchichester.org/activity/kingley-vale-trail

Wisteria Masterclass at RHS Wisley

Wisteria brings stunning colour, rambling visual interest, and a heady scent to the garden from April- June

Wednesday 16th January

Have you ever been perplexed by the myriad of information regarding caring for and pruning wisteria? It can sometimes seem confusing, and so RHS Wisley have come to the rescue, hosting a masterclass on how to correctly prune and train wisteria so you can get the most out of this beautiful climber, which brings so much colour and a heady, magical scent to Summer days. The cost of the course is £29 for RHS members and £43 for non members. The course runs from 10.30-14.30