18th century Queen Charlotte's Cottage in the Conservation area

At this time of year in Southern England you can expect to find bluebells in the woods, their kew magnolias bloomhypnotic colour shimmering beneath the leafy canopy.

You might also enjoy the creamy petals of magnolia trees nodding under a blue sky.

What you don’t expect to see is one of the largest flowering plants in the world, unfurling its 3 metre bloom and releasing a smell so bad it could probably floor you at 20 paces. Native to Sumatra, Indonesia the Titan Arum’s flower is, without doubt, a show-stopper!

kew arumAnd believe it or not you can see all three of these spring highlights (bluebells, magnolias and a flowering Titan Arum) at Kew gardens right now.

The Titan arum is due to open its flower any day now, so keep up to date with its progress on the kew website HERE.

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