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“Hi Miles, What a tremendous difference your work is making – the garden is being transformed, thank you. Enjoy your weekend.”
Karen & Nigel – Farnham

“Hi Judith, You are more than welcome to take pictures for the web site! The garden is looking truly fabulous; Susan has done an incredible job! SO glad I contacted you! And yes will adjust my standing order – all money well spent!! Best wishes” – H Casey, Camberley

“We are looking forward to Susan resuming her visits soon, she has been an absolute treasure. Warm regards.” – Jenny Pink

“I am very pleased with Sarah, she is very easy to get on with and works like a Trojan! She has made such a difference to my little garden. It pleases me when I look out of the window instead of worrying that I should get out there and do some work” – Mrs Thomas – Fleet

“Emily, great website, loved the email and monthly tips. I have liked you on Facebook and look forward to all the tips and hints, just what I needed. Kind regards,” – Jane Blackwood

“Hi, Vicky is doing a really good job in my garden and I have been thoroughly enjoying sitting out in it.” – Rosie Hayes.

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“Emily & Judith are reliable & cheerful & a great team for keeping my garden looking nice through out the year.” – Rosie – Godalming

“Hi Clair, It was a pleasure to have you too! Thank you for the care you gave the garden, it is looking a whole lot happier and even my dad commented – which doesn’t happen often! Thanks again.” – Caryn – Godalming

“Hi Jude, You two did such a lovely job in the big bed in the veg garden. I got back late from London last night and went for a wander! Had been a bit demoralised at the weekend when I was able to get in there but there was so much to do! I’ll plant some stuff now. Many thanks” – Wendy.

“Sarah has worked for us since June 2013 and our experience has been nothing but the best. The service given is professional, personal, and totally reliable. Worth every penny. You might get a local man/woman at a cheaper rate, but in our experience, they can be suddenly ill/on holiday/late or just not turn up. Grayshaw & Yeo operate a professionally reliable service, handle all charges, and employ dedicated gardeners. We can’t recommend them too highly.” Robert, Camberley.

“Thanks for your lovely work, Penny and Joanna. Our garden looks lovely. After the prolonged wet stormy weather spring seems to have arrived! Have a lovely weekend. Warm regards,” Heejin, Godalming

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“Hi Pete and Pete, Thanks so much for your hard work on Tuesday. The garden looks wrecked, but wonderful. You are both heroes!…We are feeling really pleased so far, so thanks so much! All the best,” – Pauline Johnson

“Julia, You are a star and make our lives so much easier. Thank you for your hard work and input into making our family life a bit easier! xx With Best Wishes,” – Jen Middlehurst

“Hi Isabel, Thank you for doing such a lovely job on the garden. Everyone commented on how neat and tidy it all was. They all said it is such a lovely calming place to have lunch with old friends. Thanks again,” – Rita Younger

“Thanks for all of the hard work, the garden is now looking lovely and we are getting lots of comments on it from our guests.” – Paul Farthing

“I could email you every week to tell you what a “gardening angel” Sarah is to me, but you would probably think I am sending you too much “Spam”! She is so reliable, a really hard worker and is always willing to do anything in the garden that I ask of her. My garden always looks lovely at the end of her 2 hour visits. She deserves a gold star!!! Many thanks,” – Yvonne Booth.

“Jonathan, many thanks for all your help and for keeping our vacant garden in a great state with little input from us– its been lovely to see it looking neat and tidy when we go and visit the property.” – Katie Miller
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“Thank you for Daphne she is brilliant.” – Millie Kohler

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Your staff have always been great, especially Karen who has worked so hard on the garden.” Carolyn Brookes

“Dear Sarah, thank you for your e-mail…many thanks once again for keeping our garden looking so nice. Kind regards,” – Chris & Shirley Brooks

“Just wanted to say how pleased we are with Caroline. She has done such a good job in the time. The garden already looks so much nicer. Caroline is a pleasure to work with, punctual, knowledgable, great with my children- just wonderful!” – Helen

“Many thanks for sending Russell over the past few months; the garden is looking great.” – Julie Addison

“Dear Caroline, Thank you very much indeed for your hard work on our garden – we can’t believe what a huge difference you’ve made in such a short space of time! We look forward to seeing you next week (or at least seeing the results of your good work if we’re out when you come!) All the best,” – Nathan & Emily

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“We are very happy with your services and with Penny and Vicky, who continue to do a great job looking after our garden.” – Annmarie Henderson

“Dear Sarah, Thank you! I don’t know how you manage to get the garden looking so good in a morning, but it always brings a smile to my face when I get back and see how great it looks! I will look forward to seeing you next year.” – Ellie Faulkner

“Diane’s doing a great job, the garden looks amazing.” – Sonia Harman-Dawson

“Isabel is lovely and has already made a good start tidying up the garden and we’ve had discussions about future re-planning and planting. Very happy with the service so far! Thanks again for assessing our requirements so accurately and for sending us Isabel!” – Amanda Trethewy

“I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in the past few years, the garden looks great and I’ll do my best to sit out there and enjoy it this year.” – Tracy Everett

“James seems a nice, friendly, easy going chap and shows a genuine interest in my garden. James achieves quite a lot in the time allotted. I can really tell he has been and I look forward to coming home to see what he has done. He comes across as genuinely interested in and keen on gardening. James is hardworking and he has a nice attitude”. – Belinda Sanders

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“Thanks for coming out Susan – and how refreshing to meet someone clearly rather more capable than others who try and call themselves ‘gardeners’! I’ve been busy dragging ivy out from the bed behind the kitchen and heavily pruning those two bushes since your visit – as you see, more than happy to follow instruction. Please do feel free to be as proactive here as you would be in your own space. Your direction is very much needed – and keep the weekend jobs coming our way too.” – Moira Pierce

“May I also say what a treasure Pippa is to us. She works so hard and I have learnt a few things too. Getting in touch with you was the best thing we have ever done.” – Yvonne Wilson

“We continue to be very happy with the work Jen does for us.” – John Gillbe

“Thanks for arranging for Paul to do our garden. He’s great. He really gets alot done and comes up with some great ideas, so we are really pleased with him.” – Lara Nicholls

“Ben is working out well – he works very hard.” – David Hytch

“Once again I have only praise for Sarah and the work she has done in my garden this year. She is a real treasure to me!” – Yvonne Booth

“Many thanks for sending Petra to us. We think she is great!” – Stella May

“I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in appointing Caroline to help us with the garden. She has been terrific; the vegetable garden and cutting beds have flourished as a result of her hard work and knowledge and we very much look forward to her returning next year.” – Sian Joseph

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“Over the last ten years we’ve had at least 15 different gardeners trying to restore our cottage garden to the small slice of Eden it used to be when my mother was in charge. It’s not an easy garden. Steep hill, solid clay – it was completely hidden by head-high brambles, nettles, fallen trees, ground elder, scrap iron and rubbish when we bought the house 40 years ago. Mum built paths, terraces, steps, low brick walls screened by wooden trellises heavy with climbing roses, honeysuckle and jasmine in summertime. She found and restored an old well, ditto the original Elizabethan narrow herringbone brick path to the front door. She planted fruit trees and lavender and yellow daisies the size of saucepan lids. Cars slowed down to look at the crazy kaleidoscope of colour that her patience and hard work had created for her hopelessly ungreen-fingered family. After she died new gardeners came and went. Too messy, too rambly, too labour intensive they advised. Blitz the lot, level it and start again. Slowly, sadly, our garden began to disappear. The cars still slowed down,’What a shame, it used to be so amazing’, the drivers said. And then someone recommended Grayshaw & Yeo and Judith came over. Of course it was terribly overgrown and neglected but it was all still there. It just needed time and TLC and Mum would be delighted. That was in April. Less than 6 months ago. My new gardener Deana comes twice a month sometimes with extra help. She sends me an e-mail after every visit itemising exactly what she has done. The paths and terraces are swept, the grass verdant, trellises kempt, pots watered, beds weeded but not too much. It’s still a rambling cottage garden as full of colour and charm as my mother’s. We’re all delighted with the transformation. Thank you Grayshaw and Yeo.” – Sue Arnold

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“Sarah – thanks so much – you did a fantastic job as usual and the garden looks so much better with its lovely neat layer of compost!” – Nicola Lamb

“I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I continue to appreciate Sarah’s work in my garden. I never have to explain what is needed, and nothing is too much trouble for her to ‘have a go’ at. She is also always smiling, despite the ever-changing weather! I have also used Neil’s services for the heavier tasks and have appreciated his hard work and attention to detail. Thanks to both of them for making my garden a pleasant place!” – Alison Davies

“I have been really pleased with Jason. He works really hard and has done a great job for us. Really good guy.” – Stefan Beavis

“Thank you for all your hard work, I hope you didn’t get too cold. The garden is really looking so much better, you are working wonders.” – Bridget Turner

“Thank you Jon, you have done wonders to our garden.” – David Rose

“We are very happy with Vanessa’s work here – she just quietly and efficiently sees what needs to be done and gets on with it, with very little guidance from us!” – Elizabeth Bagley

“Anu has been excellent. She appears every week and works unsupervised to a very high standard. I am very happy with how things are progressing and my garden is now happily being restored to its former glory.” – Julianne Shaw

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