Each month we send out monthly tasks to keep all our gardens on track throughout the year.

It is especially important to make sure that winter jobs are completed so that the garden enters spring ready for the coming seasons.

Planting bulbs in Autumn and mulching over the Winter can make all the difference when the sun eventually starts to shine. As gardeners we make sure that we look after the soil and do everything behind the scenes to ensure your garden gives you the best display possible.

compost and cherry, helping your garden grow

Over winter we recommend our clients place an order with the compost centreĀ  www.thecompostcentre.co.uk.

They deliver to the door, but get in there early as the waiting time for delivery can reach 3 weeks during spring. We always try to think ahead for our clients and give advice that will ensure your garden looks the best it possibly can.

compost and cherry 001

Our team is here so that you genuinely can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden!

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