Miles Bird 1Miles Bird is the latest Grayshaw & Yeo team trainer. He has helped us brush up on our Summer Pruning Skills this July with a fantastic session.

Miles says that a well pruned tree or shrub will look as though nothing has been done to it.  So if you think we have spent hours working on cutting back your garden but fail to see any change then we have been following his advice well.

He also covered regenerative pruning and how to attempt a rescue mission on a neglected tree or shrub, so we are now ready to tackle even the most challenging pruning.

It was a hands on session, with the aim of giving us confidence to get right into the heart of a shrub to prune effectively, while also knowing when to stop!  See our flickr page for some team photos.

Pruning 1

Miles currently maintains six Grayshaw & Yeo gardens and particularly enjoys working in larger gardens where he can get involved in projects.

He has a varied background ranging from retail to the Forestry Commission and gained his initial love of gardening from his mother who also had a very hands on approach.