IMG_0205On Friday Grayshaw & Yeo held their Spring Training Day, with trainer Rosie.

There was a great turnout of gardeners and it gave us all the opportunity to refresh our skills and swap tips as well as getting some hands on experience.

Rosie offered us access to her wealth of knowledge on pruning, specifically shrubs, roses and clematis, in two Grayshaw & Yeo gardens.  She focused on identifying different types of bush, climbing and rambling roses and how to prune each type.  The trick with clematis is to know whether it flowers early, mid or late season and to prune accordingly.

Spring Training Day

As always we had a lot of fun while we worked and luckily the sun shone throughout.  Thank you to the garden owners for allowing us to practise on their plants (and for the delicious lemon cake!).  We’re now raring to get pruning in all our gardens.


Spring Training Day