On Saturday I had a great time going along to the Farncombe Plant Swop organised by Vicky, a keen gardener and someone who we are proud to have as part of the Grayshaw and Yeo team.

Farncombe Plant Swap

I’d collected some Alchemilla Mollis from a clients garden and taken a few plants that I had divided from my own garden and then spent a lovely afternoon meeting new gardeners and swopping plants. It was a especially interesting to meet Beth Otway who is a judge for Godalming in Bloom, her plant knowledge was incredible and reminded me of how important it is to keep meeting people who can inspire you. Part of the ethos of Grayshaw and Yeo Gardening Company is to create a team of gardeners who can support and learn from one another.

Farncombe Plant Swap, Surrey

I took with me a total of 18 plants so had a wheelbarrow full to turn up with at the local church gardens, it took me a long time to decide what to swop because everytime someone new came I had to put back something that I had previously been certain about for the new and more exciting plant that had just been brought along! I finally decided to just focus on a shady woodland area that I have at home so I came back with primroses, foxgloves and hellebores. Now I just need some ferns and the area will be complete!

Farncombe Plant Swap, Surrey

I promise only half of these are for me, the other half are for Debbi that we garden for and i’ll be planting them up for her tomorrow. I can’t wait till next year and who knows, one day, I might even be persuaded to be brave enough to enter Godalming in Bloom!

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