Angela DayWhen it comes to giving your garden borders a re-fresh it can be tough knowing where to start. Several questions come to mind. ‘Which plants will look good together? Can I choose plants that give year-round interest? Which ones will grow like mad and shoot for the sky, and which will cover the ground?’ Add in ideas about colour, texture and shape and it can seem a bit overwhelming.

But, help is at hand…

For Grayshaw & Yeo gardener Angela Day, border design is her passion, and led her to undertake a KLC ‘Designing with Plants’ certificate. “I love planting design and have re-designed several garden borders from scratch, creating gardens with structure, year-round interest and overall easy maintenance – which I find is in demand in these busy times.”

Front bed before (2)Angela has recently been bringing her design skills to life in a Grayshaw & Yeo client garden, and the results are clear to see. Where previously there was bare soil and little planting structure, Angela has selected a beautiful combination obed makeover 4f  spire-like foxgloves, soft grasses and herbaceous perennials, which makes for a border full of movement and colour.

Many of the plants included also thrive without too much help and will look good throughout the seasons.

Of course it takes time and a little patience (the gardener’s best friend), for things to grow and reach their full potential, but it shows what’s possible with a bit of inspiration.

If you’d like to find out more about our Grayshaw & Yeo Border design service, or have an area that you’d like advice on, then click HERE