Well what a busy year we have had so far!

Gardening in the Autumn
The weather has meant that everything in the garden has grown at a rate of knots and all our gardeners have been working flat out to ensure that their gardens look at their best. We have also had to become a VAT registered company, which has entailed a lot of administration and sadly a price increase. However we hope that this is a sign of a positive growth in our company and that we will continue to learn and go from strength to strength.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to talk to your gardener about what bulbs you would like to see flowering in your garden in the spring and summer months. Our personal favourites are tulips, because they have different flowering seasons you can choose whatever time and colour you wish to ensure the best display. We are happy to buy bulbs for you on the way to your garden, as part of our visit, and to then bring you a receipt or if you prefer please provide your own bulbs and we will plant them on our next visit.

To compliment the display next year we will also, in discussion with you, be moving and dividing any herbaceous plants that are getting too overgrown. If there are gaps then now is also the perfect time to plant new plants and our gardeners will be happy to advise. We are always available to our gardeners to help them with any plant queries that they may regarding the best plant for a particular place.

We have also asked our gardeners to talk to you about mulching your beds. Mulching the beds with rotted down compost helps improve the soil and helps suppress weeds, if the quality of your soil is good then we recommend at the very least that you sprinkle a fertiliser over the soil to replace any nutrients . We have found the compost centre to be very reliable and reasonable, so we recommend ordering from them at www.thecompostcentre.co.uk.

Autumn is also the best time of year to look at your lawn we are working with Expert Lawns who can provide us with lawn advice and can improve your lawn for you with their lawn specific equipment. We are happy to improve smaller patches of lawn with a more general autumn lawn care regime and of course keep them free of weeds.

As a result of some tough lessons learnt we are making some changes to the processes in place for taking on new gardeners. We want to ensure that we have ‘Quality Assurance!

1.  We have developed a written plant identification and knowledge test that gardeners will undertake during their interviews. This will compliment the questions we ask during their interview.

2.  We will also have a practical induction session in a garden that will ensure that all gardeners use our established methodology.

3.  We will send every new client a questionnaire that we will ask them to complete once their gardener has visited twice. This should ensure that our clients are happy and that we have made a good match.

At Grayshaw and Yeo Gardening Company we feel that training is very important. It not only improves the standard of care that your garden receives, but it also gives us the opportunity to meet with our gardeners and reinforce the team ethos that we feel is essential to gardening with Grayshaw and Yeo Gardening Company.

This year we have already had two pruning sessions covering Rose and Clematis pruning and summer pruning. Our next training session is going to be held at our local nursery and we will be having a tour of the shrubs and trees and a talk from the herbaceous growers. Gardeners will be able to use this as an exercise to develop their new planting skills.

Again thank you for continued custom and support.

Emily & Judith


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