There’s nothing like shelling fresh, home-grown peas from the pod or seeing the pale globes of new potatoes emerge on your fork as you lift them from the earth. For many of us growing our own fruits and vegetables is a rewarding and satisfying way of reducing food miles, growing the things you love to eat and nurturing a crop from seed to harvest that’s bursting with flavour.

You can ‘grow your own’ lettuces in a flower pot on a window sill, or dedicate a whole part of your garden to growing food, but there’s another alternative – the Great British allotment. Allotments not only provide those without a garden with space to grow plants but also nurture friendships, a sense of community and often encourage wildlife into urban and suburban areas, where there might otherwise be none. They also seem to foster a sense of individuality, resourcefulness and humour.

With so much going for allotments, it’s no wonder that nationally there are long waiting lists for those hoping to rent one. If you’re waiting for an allotment, or are one of the many lucky people who already have one, then you may want to find out more about National Allotments Week 2018 from Aug 13th to 19th. This year’s theme is ‘living & growing’ and the Allotment Society would like to see everyone, whether on a balcony or in half an acre, growing more of their own food.

There are a wide range of events going on nationally during the week, with those most local to us in the South East at Hurstpierpoint in West Sussex, Slough and Bracknell in Berks and Grays in Essex. However, the list will continue to grow until right upto the beginning of the event in August, so for full details of where to go if you’d like to have a good look around an allotment site and chat to keen gardeners, then see the link here for full details.

For further advice and info see the following link: RHS