norney roeThis year’s theme at the Chelsea Physic Garden is scent – in all its diversity – which means celebrating the foetid and fusty as well as the floral and fresh! There’s a talk or workshop to suit all interests, including ‘The Fantastic World of Vegetal Scent‘, a talk given by renowned naturalist Richard Mabey (author of ‘Food for Free’). 28th July, 7-8pm.

However, if you fancy learning more about the ‘fragrant and fresh’ side of scent then there are a number of events about roses including, ‘The Wonderful World of Rose Fragrances‘ (21st July 7-8pm), and a whole day workshop, ‘Rosa Rosa: A Day with the Queen of Flowers‘, (29th July 9.30am-4pm), which is all about practical perfumery.

_MG_8188For those interested in learning about far-flung cultures the talk, ‘A Society Guided by Scent‘, investigates the practices of the hunter-gatherers of the Malay peninsular, who have an extensive vocabulary for scent and use it to inform their daily lives (18th August, 7-8pm).

Of course, most gardeners want to know how to turn theory into practice in their own gardens, so if you’d like to know how to grow scented plants in your own plot, then join the ‘Grow Your Own Scented Garden‘ workshop (6th September, 9.30-4pm).

A feast of events for the senses – and certainly not be ‘sniffed at!’ (sorry…)

Day workshops cost £95.00; Evening Supper Talks cost £17.00

To book a place and find out more, click on any of the links above. See the website for more information on directions, opening times and entry costs.