The clocks have just gone forward and, as Monty Don reminded us on gardeners’ world, that means an extra hour of light in the garden each evening! So here’s a list of jobs for the month ahead.

Plant your summer bulbs now…

Plants lily bulbs in pots as well as well as planting gladiolus and ranunculus.

Tie in climbers like clematis, honeysuckle and roses as well as supporting herbacous perennials.


Add a good layer of mulch to your spring beds if you didn’t do this in the autumn. This will ensure strong growth in your plants as they start to shoot upwards.

Now is also the time to feed trees, shrubs and hedges with a fertiliser – you can also feed hungry plants, like roses, as they begin to put on leaves.

Don’t forget to increase the amount of water you give to household plants as the weather warms up and they begin to drow more vigorously.


Divide clumps of primroses after they have finished flowering. Now is also your last chance to divide clumps of herbaceous perennials before they really start to grow with vigour. Use a sharp spade or fork to tease the clumps apart and re-plant them in well-dug, mulched soil. Heal and water them in well. Adding a micro-rizal fungi to plants that require it will also aid uptake of water and nutrients.

Hostas emerge a little later than some other herbaceous plants so can still be divided now, but do it soon as their leaves will begin to emerge shortly. April is also a good time to divide bamboos and waterlilies.


Keep weeding your beds to stay on top of new growth – it will save time later on.

Prune forsythia once it has finished flowering.

Dead head tulips and daffodils as the flowers go over but leave the foliage so the plant can build up energy in its root bulb for next year.


Sow peas and direct sow hardy annuals in well prepared seed beds.

Plant your chitted potatoes in the ground or in grow bags.

Sow tomato seeds in the greenhouse and keep pricking out and potting on seedlings.