The National Open Garden Scheme has been a feature of British gardening life for 90 years, allowing curious visitors to peer inside the garden gates of countless private and less well known gardens. This summer the NGS are hosting more open gardens than ever to celebrate their 90th year and to reflect upon the great work done in support of charities in nearly a century of open gardens.

Since 1927 the organisation has raised over £50 million in support of charities working to improve the lives of people with cancer, Parkinson’s disease and MS, and all whilst bringing enjoyment, education and a sense of community participation to thousands of garden owners and visitors nationwide.

If you’ve ever thought there was a part of your garden that was untameable or uninspiring, then there’s certainly an NGS garden somewhere in the country to proove you gloriously wrong. So whether it’s for reasons of inspiration, admiration or simply to enjoy a cuppa, a cake and ‘nose about’, get hold of your local ‘yellow book’ as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

A taster of open gardens in the next month in Surrey…

Losely Park near Guildford, Vann near Hambledon and The Coach House near Godalming


Dale Park House near Arundel, Chidmere Gardens near Chichester, Follers Manor near Alfriston


High Garden near Kenton, The World Garden at Lullingstone Castle, Upper Pryors near Cowden

The NGS also has some great new features that allow you to save a list of your favourite gardens and recieve updates regularly.

See the website to find out more and get visiting!